UAE alleges Qatar intercepts its flight in international airspace, Gulf region fears war

DUBAI: UAE-Qatar crisis has aggravated after the UAE said on Monday that Qatari fighter jets intercepted one of its commercial airline flights in international airspace. But Qatar denied doing so.

The State of Qatar announces that claims that Qatari fighter jets intercepting an Emirati civilian aircraft is completely untrue. A detailed statement will follow, its foreign ministry spokeswoman Lulwa Al Khater said on Monday in its Twitter handle.

The UAE claimed that the incident happened when its airliner was on its way to Manama in Bahrain. The Qatari action is totally against the international laws and norms, the UAE said.

Though Qatar denied doing so, the Emirates insisted that Doha did intercept its flight. The alleged action has aggravated the tension in the region and many fear it may lead to an open war.

Seikh Saif Bin Ahmed Al Thani, the director of Qatar’s government communications office, also said on his official Twitter account that the charge was “completely untrue”.

On Friday, Qatar filed a complaint with the United Nations about an alleged violation of its airspace in December by an Emirati military aircraft.

Qatari authorities said the violation on December 21 lasted one minute

Two of the UAE airlines refused to comment on the government claim.

The claim came in a report on the state-run WAM news agency and follows two complaints by Qatar to the United Nations about Emirati military aircraft allegedly violating its international airspace amid a diplomatic crisis between Doha and four Arab nations.

WAM says civil aviation authorities received “a message from one of the UAE’s national carriers on Monday morning that one of its aircraft on a flight to Manama on a normal route had been intercepted by Qatari fighters.”

Eight nations under the leadership of Saudi Arabia had imposed a total ban, including air travel, on Qatar in last June. Most people say, these nations were envy about the growth of tiny Gulf nation and they wanted Qatar to bow before them. So they imposed the ban.

But Doha did not dance to tunes of big brother Saudi Arabia and went ahead with its plans with the support of Turkey and Iran.
Moreover, world nations are not ready to dump gas-rich small country.

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