Mallu Cyber Soldiers reveal shocking details of over 50 Indian terrorists

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Mallu Cyber Soldiers have come out shocking details of many those persons who are conducting terrorist activities in India with their names and other evidence.

The cyber drive is called ‘Operation Kashmir part 2,’and Mallu Cyber Soldiers have posted the personal details of those terrorists who are doing terror and destructive activities with the help of China and Pakistan.

A notable feature of the campaign is that the Mallu Cyber Soldiers have published those evidence that even government couldn’t find so far. This list includes the details of Islamic State terrorist Aftab from Kashmir and personal details 50 other terrorists who are working against Indian army and national security with the help of Pakistan.

This Facebook group has posted their many details like their photos, call records, messages, email, Facebook details and device ID. This post was reposted by the admins following the removal of the same by Facebook.

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