It is Rahul Krishnan, a fraud who cheated close relative in Gulf, behind Binoy Kodiyeri trap

PATHANAMTHITTA: It is Rahul Krishnan, who had trapped his close relative in Gulf, behind the complaint filed by a Dubai-based travel company against CPM general secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son Binoy Kodiyeri.

Rahul Krishnan took his cousin, Sreesh to Sharjah in 2010. After then he appointed him as the general manager of Jilfa Tours, the company under his ownership.

After this, Rahul took a huge amount of loan in Sreesh’s name from a bank in Sharjah, which he didn’t tell his relative. In 2013, Sreesh arrived at Dubai airport to return home, But the immigration officials detained him at the airport as his name figured in the defaulter’s list. He immediately informed Rahul, who informed his home.

Later, Rahul informed Sreesh’s family that he will settle all the issues and asked them to sign on some stamp papers as securities for the same. Following this Sreesh’s relatives send to Rahul signed stamp papers and Rs 17 lakh rupees by pawning ornaments and taking loans.  After this, Sreesh was freed and he returned home.

It was only when Sreesh reached his home he realised the depth of cheating. Actually Rahul was trying to grab their house and properties by writing wrong statements in the stamp paper that Sreesh’s father had signed. Sreesh’s father said that he hadn’t doubted Rahul initially as he was his nephew.

And the then Pathanamthitta SP T Narayanan intervened and took action after Sreesh’s father had filed a case against Rahul.  It is this Rahul, who had cheated many persons like this has come out with this new complaint against Binoy Kodiyeri.

This was intentionally done to defame CPM and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, sources said. Otherwise why he should rake up an issue which was already settled?.

Meanwhile, Binoy has decided to take legal action against Rahul after receiving an official document from Dubai Court which states that there are no cases against him at present.

Separately, the CPM centres have sought an investigation into conspiracies behind the whole issue.

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