RAW to investigate Dubai Police ‘action’ to issue clearance certificate to Binoy Kodiyeri

NEW DELHI: The Research And Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s external spy agency, has started an investigation into the Police Clearance Certificate issued to Binoy Kodiyeri, son the CPM Kerala state secretary, by the Dubai police.

The RAW has taken this step on the special instructions of the Central government, sources said.

The investigation is based on a complaint by the Kerala unit of the BJP that there is some doubt in the credibility of the document issued by the Dubai Police, which is highly favourable to Binoy Kodiyeri.

Sources added that the BJP state wing has forced the Central government to take this action.

The Raw officers will also investigate the role of a prominent businessman who allegedly helped Binoy to get a clean chit within a day from Dubai after Binoy’s financial fraud case hit headlines in India.

On the day financial fraud allegations were raised against Binoy, he had admitted through his Facebook post that there was a cheque bounce case against him in Dubai and the same was settled. The post also said that the court had fined him DH 60,000 in the case.

But the PCC he had procured from the police says that there was not a single case against him till that date. This is what the BJP state leadership has pointed out to the Centre.

The BJP state unit also wants the Centre to find out the real fact behind the case and also check whether Binoy used any kind of influence on the UAE administration through the businessman to get the certificate.

According to sources, the Centre has also sought the details of the financial and business dealings of CPM leaders’ kith and kin in UAE.

If the RAW gets more details and proof in the case, it will help the BJP politically to put the CPM on the defensive, so the BJP is using RAW to collect all the details of the case.

The RAW is the external arm of Indian spy network and it had helped the Centre to track down black money and persons behind it in foreign countries.

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