RSS challenges government again, Bhagwat to hoist tricolour at Palakkad on R-Day

PALAKKAD: RSS leadership has made it clear it is not afraid of any law of the Pinarayi government and its supremo Mohan Bhagwat will hoist tricolour at a school in Palakkad on the Republic Day.

The RSS won’t keep off its customary function due to the fear of Pinarayi government and Bhagwat is the leader of the largest organisation in the country, it said.

Last year, the state government had tried to stop Bhagwat from hoisting the National Flag at a school in Palakkad. But the Sangh workers defeated it.

Then, the state government took revenge action against the school for allowing the RSS chief to hoist tricolour.
The RSS has warned that this kind of activities won’t work anymore.

Moreover, the BJP leadership has warned that Kerala is a part of India and the country is ruled by people of Sangh Parivar, including Bhagwat. So don’t invite action by doing wrong things.

Sangh Parivar is fuming over the state government fiat that only institutional heads should hoist tricolour in the schools.

Bhagwat is hoisting the National Flag at an unaided school and the administration has no right to intervene in it. And if the administration deliberately intervenes in the function, then it will know where the things are standing, the Saffron leaders have warned.

Bhagwat is coming to Palakkad to attend three-month long RSS camp. He will hoist tricolour at the school which is hosting the camp.

The RSS has made it clear that its supremo won’t deviate from his routine of hosting the National Flag on Republic Day and Independence Day wherever he is.

According to reports, the RSS chief is angry over the reported move of the state government to initiate action against the school.

Last year, Bhagwat disobeyed the district collector’s order and hoisted the tricolour at an aided school under the control of Sangh Parivar in Palakkad on the Independence Day. This time too, the school which is hosting the function is also related to the Sangh Parivar.

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