RSS plans to nominate Mohanlal to Rajya Sabha in place of Rekha

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The RSS is planning to nominate megastar Mohanlal to the Rajya Sabha, according to reliable sources.

The Sangh Parivar is considering him for the slot that will come up in 2018 in the field of arts.

Presently, this slot is occupied by actress Rekha and her term will come to an end on April 26, 2018, and Mohanlal will be considered for this post, sources added.

The Sangh leadership will hold discussions with the megastar on the topic and convey the feedback to its central leadership.

Along with Rekha, the tenure of Sachin Tendulkar and Annie Aga will also expire in 2018.

The tenure of other nominated members like boxer Mary Kom, Narendra Jadhav, Swapna Dasgupta, Rupa Ganguly and Sambhaji Raje, Suresh Gopi and Subramaniam Swamy will end only in 2022, while legal expert KTS Tulsi’s term will expire in 2020.

Presently, Suresh Gopi has been nominated to the Parliament from Kerala, but the Sangh views that there is no problem in nominating Mohanlal from the state.

The RSS leaders pointed out that he is a noted actor in the country and bagged national awards many times. Even Tamil superstar Rejinikanth could not bag a single one so far.

This is not a consideration according to political interests but based solely on recognition of his talents. But a final decision will be taken only after getting an opinion from Mohanlal, the BJP leaders said.

Recently, Mohanlal has been elected as the custodian of Vishwa Shanti Trust managed by the RSS at a meeting held at RSS leader PEB Menon’s house here. RSS pranthapracharak Harikrishnan, Sevapramukh Vinod and director Major Ravi took part in the meeting.

Earlier, Mohanlal was appointed as the director of Kairali channel under the CPM control. But he opted out of it fearing political controversy. But his appointment as the custodian of RSS trust has astonished political circles in the state.

Megastar Mammootty, who took over as the chairman of Kairali, and the CPM leaders tried their best to persuade Mohanlal, but he chose to ignore it.

Since this incident is the memory of CPI rank and file they unleashed a negative campaign against Mohanlal in the social media.

There is already a rumour that the CPM cadres will boycott Mohanlal movies.

The Sangh Parivar too launched a counterattack against this. If Mukesh and Innocent can become political workers, then Mohanlal too can do so, they argued.

‘Just because he became a custodian of a trust, don’t respond like a terrorist who saw saffron hue, is the reply BJP-RSS workers are sending out.

Though there is pro and anti-campaign in the social media for Mohanlal, the actor chose not to make an open comment on the issue so far.

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