India plans massive attack in PoK to teach Pakistan a lesson, Beijing warns Islamabad

NEW DELHI: Pakistan’s all-weather friend China has warned Islamabad that Indian Army is planning to retaliate against recent militant attacks against army and CRPF camps in India.

Unlike last time, India is not planning a surgical strike, but a massive attack on Pakistan, according to reports quoting Chinese intelligence agencies.

China doubts that India will conduct a massive attack on the economic corridor passing through Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir to Gwadar port.

Nine persons, including army officers, were killed in recent militants’ suicide attack on Sunjwan Army camp in Jammu and Kashmir. World nations view this as an attack supported by the Pakistan Army.

China is wary of India as New Delhi may use the anger of world nations against the militants’ attack and use it as an excuse hit back at Pakistan. In that event, US, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, and Israel will support India.

China and Pakistan are also worried after reports said that even Russia is fuming over the militant attacks.

According to reports, Pakistan has declared Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed as a terrorist to tone down the anger of world nations and to make a conciliatory approach towards India.

Even China, which had invested heavily in the economic corridor, had advised Pakistan to do this trick. But India is not buying the Pakistani numbers and determined to teach them a lesson.

The Indian Army wanted to teach a ‘memorable lesson’ to Pakistan, which has been using terrorists as a shield to attack India at their will. According to reports, Indian Army’s stand is that India should annex the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, which is the hotbed of terrorism, to India.

Indian Army doesn’t want to conduct counter-attack on Pakistan every time instead it wants a permanent solution to the Pakistani provocations every time.

China ‘foresees’ this danger and tipped its friend Pakistan of the imminent attack.

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