India plans military intervention in crisis-hit Maldives, China looks at it anxiously

NEW DELHI: India is planning a military intervention in the Maldives, where present administration has declared a state of emergency for 15 days.

The present administration of President Yameen Abdul Gayoom is closer to China and India is planning to force his exit through a military mission and install former president Mohammed Nasheed as the president.

Yameen administration has jailed leaders of democratically elected government including former president and opposition leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Former president Mohammed Nasheed, who was freed on bail for medical treatment in the UK, later took asylum there and then moved to Sri Lanka. He too has requested India to intervene militarily and diplomatically in the country.

China, which has acquired strategically important port in Sri Lanka, has been eyeing the Maldives for another strategic port and planning to take the aisle with them. In between these unexpected incidents took place.

The administration has jailed supreme judges including Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and judge Ali Hamid were arrested. The charges against them have not been specified. The whereabouts of the court’s other two judges were not known Tuesday morning.

The present action of the Maldives administration has stunned the world nations.

The Indian government has instructed three wings of its armed forces to get ready for any eventuality and army, air force and navy have activated their standard operating procedures.

Indian armed forces can intervene in the Maldives within minutes and this is a major worry for China.
Beijing has increased its presence in the Maldives and Sri Lanka as part of its pearl of strings strategy to corner India.

Most possibly, the Indian military action will be coordinated from the Southern Naval Command in Kochi as the Maldives is closer to Kochi.

World nations, including the US, have severely criticised the present situation in the Maldives, which is closer to US military garrison in Diego Garcia.

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